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Why SUNWORLD Sellect SolarWorld Solar cells ?

Why SUNWORLD Sellect SolarWorld Solar cells ?

SUNWORLD maintains high-quality standards for all materials used in our products.Like German Solarworld Solar cells, Feature adn Advantage as below.

SolarWorld Solar cells Feature 

High quality standard, high efficiencies, homogeneous optical appearance C the

solar cells of Solarworld are fabricated in one of the most up-to-date production

plants worldwide. Our products meet the highest demands of module producers.

solarworld solar cells.jpg> Increased performance by improved layout and three bus bar technology.

> Each cell individually hot spot tested.

> Uniform optical appearance due to texturization, antireflection silicon nitride

coating and sorting into three predefined colour categories.

> The colour of solar cells is specified by limiting samples.

> The cells are packed in boxes each containing 150 cells. 6 boxes are placed in one cardboard box. 30 cardboard boxes are stacked on Euro pallets for shipping

solarworld solar cells.jpg

Want to know more detalis, 

please download the Solarworld Solar cell Specification.

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