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SUNWORLD Solar panels Incoming materials inspection

SUNWORLD used the High quality and proven materails , like Cells, EVA, Backsheet, Glass.

Sunworld maintains high-quality standards for all materials used in our products. Our suppliers undergo a stringent selection process. We have quality assurance agreements with each SunWorld supplier, who must provide documented proof of manufacturing quality and environmental standards. We even go so far as auditing our suppliers' factories

to ensure our high standards are met.

Visual inspections by experienced technicians further examine every component that arrives at our production plant.Only the highest quality, most flawless materials enter the production cycle.


Our technicians closely inspect safety glass for physical properties such as warping, perpendicularity, dimensions and  

PV glass.jpgedge finish. Any glass with crystalline inclusions, bubbles or edge damage is immediately removed. Material properties and tolerances are precisely defined and closely matched. Materials that do not meet standards do not continue into

production. Why such high quality standards? Our solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy snow loads for at least 25 years. We use thick, low-iron glass and optimize the mechanical strength to

ensure they can easily deal with extreme loads. Plus, a special anti-reflection coating maximizes efficiency and yield.


The quality of the back sheet and EVA are critical to the long-term durability of our solar panels, enabling them to withstand extreme weather conditions and UV irradiation. In fact, few suppliers in the world can meet our high criteria

Solar cells

Solar cells are the most important component of any solar panel, which is why we dont trust their production to anyone

else. We are completely vertically integrated, meaning we undertake all steps of production of our panels. We begin with raw polysilicon chunks, and melt them down to produce the perfect crystal that will eventually be turned into a

Long-lasting strings

SunWorld begins with perfect cells, then builds chains designed to last.

Each solar cell is inspected visually for possible damage and tested for specific tension and efficiency. Cells are classified according to color and power level, a step that most manufacturers skip. This increases aesthetic appearance of our panels while ensuring the highest power delivery. Mismatches in cell power lead to module energy losses.

The next step is the stringing process. We connect the front of each cell to the back of the adjacent cell via three soldering strips in an automated process called three-busbar technology. We use three busbars to create redundancy: If one busbar stops working, then the cell will still produce power. The materials we use in the stringing process are

carefully selected to ensure the integrity of the joints when they expand and contract with changing weather conditions.Flawless cell soldering is crucial to the quality of our solar panels, which is why we rely on a highly automated and monitoredprocess. Each module has 2,016 soldering points, and it is critical that a precise amount of pressure is applied at

each of these points. That level of precision is not achievable with hand-soldering, the standard practice of many other manufacturers.

We then perform a regular peel test to monitor the soldering quality of the string production. Additional visual inspection of strings ensures there were no errors in cell print, cracks in the cells, mechanical damage or color deviations.

At SunWorld, each point is monitored with an automated camera system and spot-checked with additional testing to ensure the quality of all strings.

Secure solar cell matrix

The laminator contains a huge vacuum oven that bonds the laminate structure at high temperatures to a weather- andshock-resistant unit. Our experienced panel specialists carefully examine the resulting laminates. Only laminates featuringthe front, back and edges in perfect condition pass to the next processing stage. We then check for stable and14813355836568388.jpg

resilient bonding among individual laminate components with regular peel tests, which prevents the separation of individual unit components.

The laminate structure consists of the solar glass, two ethylenevinyl   acetate (EVA) sheets, the solar cell matrix and the back sheet,

which are all sandwiched together. The structure is carefully examined for cell cracks and possible contact interruptions using sophisticated

imaging measurements. Our experts also check for even spacing between cell strings and for impurities in laminates. Only laminates in perfect condition are approved for further processing.

SUNWORLD Benefits of vertical integration include:

solar panels solar wafer solar modules solar cells.pngsolar panels solar wafer solar modules solar cells.png

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